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Langenthal is the pivotal point for the economy generation in the district Oberaargau, the place where it is located. With a car hire in Langenthal travelers can have two benefits, they can travel extensively at their own pace and they will also have the freedom and flexibility to plan their own itinerary. With us you can hire any car for the most affordable car rental rates. Our Langenthal car rental deals come with many benefits like collision damage waiver, theft protection, insurance, unlimited mileage and more.
Abuzz with educational and cultural activities all the year round Langenthal is the key business hub of Oberaargau region. While you tour this simply elegant city Langenthal, you will notice that much of the city is landscaped by irrigation pastures. There is much of country side to see in Langenthal, to get the real essence of this region. Tourist will be in much awe, as how the strikingly sober surroundings of the region can give such eloquence to Langenthal city. To grasp the essence of Langenthal, travelers can hire a car. Hiring a car is the most convenient way, which is popularly used by travelers to tour Langenthal city. You can drive and start touring places in Langenthal which include Kunsthaus (art gallery), The Design Center Langenthal is another much visited place, being national cultural establishment. Travelers can avail car rental service in Langenthal with us and explore all the beautiful attractions of this city.

Places worth Exploring in Langenthal

Travelers who are interested in art and history can visit the Langenthal Museum, portraying history and industry of Langenthal city as well Oberaargau. Cultural activities can be enjoyed at The Chrämerhuus Culture Centre, where many experimental and popular shows are staged. Travelers, who are interested in music related items, can visit The Trummlehus, and see the wide exhibits of musical instruments from all around the world. Langenthal’s other tourist attraction include the Langenthal animal park, a perfect place for children to take to. St. Urban Cistercian Monastery a much visited site is also well known for its rococo architecture, chiseled choir hall and the well preserved decorated organ. Rent a car in Langenthal with us and enjoy your travel in comfort.

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A metropolis in the canton of Bern, Langenthal is a cultural and education center. Herein, you can witness the Roman impacts and its history has been glorious enough. The architectural structures such as the Old Mill and Kaufhaus are the Swiss sites of National significance. Within the municipality, you can make the best of your time here by visiting theatres, museums and art galleries. It lies in the canton of Bern.

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