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A trip to the Alpine Town, Saint Moritz has been luring travelers for long. Call it the magic of emerald forests or the magnificence of aloof mountains; St Moritz is different. But, the most frequented attractions here are wide spread, which is why booking a car rental for Saint Moritz turns out to be the best of alternatives to tour the place up-close.

Saint Moritz houses some of the best attractions found anywhere in Switzerland. Thus, car hire is indeed worth the experience. As we give you the flexibility to choose from a wide selection of cars, so you can travel around the many vistas. We cater to plethora of pick-up and drop-off car rental points in Saint Moritz and Switzerland on the whole.

Saint Moritz- The Swedish Winter Wonderland!

One of the major holiday destinations in Switzerland, St. Moritez is a resort town embedding all the elements for a perfect holiday. A trip around could include even the surrounding towns of Bever, Silvaplana, Samdena and Celerina/Schlarigna. Driving around St.Moritz would not only engulf you into the natural beauty of this Swiss city, its glacier landscape and ice caves, but will also entice you with its attractions of Lake St. Moritz, with its magnificent picturesque valley scene, and Segantini Museum dedicated to the famous Swiss painter Giovani Segantini. Segantini Museum is also labeled as Swiss ‘heritage site of national significance’.

Things to Do in Saint Moritz

  • Host to winter Olympics, Alpine Skiing World Championships, Polo World Cup, Skeleton racing and Bobsleig, this city is gateway to many spots activities. Cycling, hiking, windsurfing, horse riding, sailing, etc can also be enjoyed here.
  • St.Moritz also promises an impressive nightlife. From a cluster of remarkable lounge bars, clubs or classic bars, St.Moritz is a city bubbling with striking ‘in’ spots with a club culture you would remember.
  • If visited at the right time, you can also drive down to witness and enjoy its St. Moritz Music Festival ‘Snow & Symphony’ and St. Moritz Gourmet Festival.

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Saint Moritz

The Swiss winter wonderland, Saint Moritz lures visitors to its Alpine tourism. Its emerald forests, gleaming lake and aloof mountains breathe life into this beautiful city. Even though the city is associated with big fashion boutiques but, it's not about being showy. Segantini Museum, Muottas Muragl and Piz Nair Wall make up for prime highlights of this city. In its neighborhood lies Bellinzona, the most Italiante town.

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