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Catch a thorough glimpse of the beautiful attractions in St Gallen and its surrounding neighborhoods with online car hire from us. We bring you all-inclusive cheap car rental deals for St Gallen aimed at assisting in easy commuting around.

Cornering four major locations, Switzerland, Austral, Principality of Liechtenstein and Germany, St.Gallen is a gateway to the popular Appenzellerland or Appenzell Alps. Rent a car in St.Gallen and drive to the beautiful Swiss cities like Geneva, St.Margrethen, Berne and Zurich through A1 motorway. If you are arriving in Zurich, you can hire a car at Zurich International Airport, or any of the major pick up points in Zurich, to drive down to St. Gallen. We cater to diverse pick-up and drop-off car rental locations in St.Gallen to allow you to roam around this Swiss region in your own vehicle. Get booked a car in advance and drive down to Appenzell Mountain Region for an awe-inspiring drive to capture its scenic natural beauty.

St Gallen- The Colorful Old Town!

St Gallen is one city of Switzerland has been awarded by Wakker Prize for balancing and creating a unified appearance in existing and future construction. Old and archeologically impressive houses of St.Gallen are going to make you go back to ancient Swiss lifestyle.

Being a city of culture, education and economic importance, St.Gallen contributes remarkably towards the list of Swiss ‘heritage sites of national significance,’ with its 28 inspiring sites. If you have already hired a car, then a trip around Textile Museum, Art and Natural History Museum, Historical and Ethnographical Museum, Museum in the Storehouse, Beer Bottle Museum, St. Gallen Art Gallery, Point Jaune Museum, St. Gallen art gallery and the Cantonal archives and Museum in Lagerhaus is worth the experience.

Popular Events of St Gallen

Sometime around February, you get to experience the joy of Nordklang Festival or the St. Gallen Open Air Festival. Other year round events include Children Feast, OLMA and St. Gallen Symposium. In a pre-booked car rental for St Gallen, travelers have the convenience to visit the likes of Cantonal School Park, Wildlife Park Peter and Paul and City Park.

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St. Gallen

Colorfully painted windows, traffic-free roads and a charm uniquely characteristic of St Gallen; this city is different and so is its location between Appenzell and Lake Constance. A university town that it is known to be, it has a famous landmark named Baroque cathedral. This place's architectural marvels are exemplary. At a drive of around 46Km from here, you then reach Frauenfeld.

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